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PE Plastic Wrap
PE cling film is a kind of food film made of polyethylene only, which meets the national food hygiene standard for food packaging, can be 100% recycled and is widely used as plastic film for packaging food.
-Because of the excellent gloss and transparency of PE cling film, it enhances the value of the product and allows a clear view of the food.
-PE cling film remains soft under low temperature storage due to its excellent cold resistance. It prevents food spoilage by preventing the condensation of water. The film has anti-fogging properties to ensure the freshness of food.
-PE cling film has proper adhesion and good elongation. Widely used in homes, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc. Suitable for packaging refrigerated food. Very suitable for packaging fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood etc.
-PE cling film has excellent heat resistance, it keeps the original taste, freshness and flavor of food without mixing odor. Suitable for refrigerator and microwave oven. Polyethylene food wrapping paper is not easy to break due to its strong toughness and sealing property. It can firmly adhere to the utensils and prevent bacteria from growing.
PVC Plastic Wrap
PVC food cling film is professional grade cling film, perfect for all food products, used for packaging to keep food fresh for a long time, commonly used in microwave oven or freezer. With convenient and durable cardboard packaging, it is easy to use.
PVC cling film is suitable for all kinds of food packaging. This cling film has excellent gloss and also has anti-fog properties.
If food containing water is wrapped in general cling film, the surface is prone to condensing water droplets and caging foggy state, which affects the see-through effect and tends to spoil the food. This PVC cling film has excellent anti-fogging properties, enabling water droplets to automatically drift around and maintain good transparency, providing good transparency for food packaging and ensuring the freshness of food.

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Ningbo Ruike Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Plastic Wrap Manufacturers. Our high-quality products are widely used in various household appliances, electronic communications, medical, food packaging, printing, chemical industry, decoration and other industries. Our factory has Plastic Wrap Custom services, As a result, we have a large number of well-known partners at home and abroad.

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Plastic Wrap Industry Knowledge Extension

What material is the safest for plastic wrap?
1. Plastic wrap is a kind of plastic packaging product, which is usually made by polymerization reaction with ethylene as the masterbatch.
2. Plastic wrap can be divided into three categories: the first is polyethylene, referred to as PE. PE film is moderately permeable and breathable, suitable for food preservation, and has higher safety than PVC. The second is polyvinyl chloride, referred to as PVC. PVC cling film has good transparency, certain viscosity, and low price. If it is in contact with oily food, heated at high temperature or heated in a microwave oven, plasticizers may migrate out. The third is polyvinylidene chloride, referred to as PVDC. PVDC cling film has high barrier properties and is suitable for packaging cooked food and meat products. It has the highest heat resistance temperature and can be used for microwave heating, but the price is relatively high.
3. Occasions such as microwave oven food heating, refrigerator food preservation, fresh and cooked food packaging, etc., are widely used in family life, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, and food packaging in industrial production.

Can plastic wrap be refrigerated?
1. Put the plastic wrap in the refrigerator and keep it refrigerated. Store the plastic wrap in the refrigerator and take it out when you use it. It will be much easier to peel off the film.
2. The plastic wrap material will temporarily lose some stickiness when it is refrigerated: First, the cold air reduces the annoying static electricity between the layers of film. Secondly, the molecular composition of plastic cling film will change in a low temperature environment, so the cling film should be kept in the refrigerator.

Can plastic wrap be placed in a pot?
Can't. Plastic wrap is a plastic product. If it is used to wrap things and steamed in a pot, it will not only affect the taste, but also produce some harmful substances, which will endanger your health. The plastic wrap should not be stained with cooked food oil, which will release harmful substances.
The plastic wrap cannot be steamed in a pot. Because plastic wrap is a plastic product, it releases harmful substances at high temperatures. If it is used to wrap things and steamed in a pot, it will not only affect the taste, but also endanger your health.
In addition to producing harmful substances at high temperatures, harmful substances will also be produced when the cling film touches food oil, so the cling film should not be stained with cooked food oil, which will endanger health.