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Aluminum Foil Food Container
Aluminum foil food containers have been one of the very effective and cost-effective ways to package food in take-out and pre-packaging applications. Compared to other materials, aluminum foil food containers are lightweight, highly barrier, UV resistant, moisture resistant, preservative resistant and have a long shelf life. It can better maintain the freshness and moisture of food. Aluminum foil containers are a new choice due to their recyclability and compliance with food hygiene standards. Also, because aluminum can better keep food freshness and moisture, it is more in line with the modern concept of environmentally friendly and healthy living.
Our aluminum foil food containers are mainly divided into wrinkled and non-wrinkled models, you can choose different sizes, thicknesses and shapes of aluminum foil food containers according to your needs. In addition to the existing display styles, we can also customize aluminum foil food containers according to your needs, looking forward to your message.
-100% food grade aluminum material
-Temperature resistance range: -20 degrees to +250 degrees
-No residue or oil stains after production
-Custom logo imprinting service available on container base
-SGS certified aluminum, FDA safety approved
Our aluminum foil food containers are perfect for baking delicious breads and cakes, cooking delicious meat pies, quiche, lasagna, side dishes, etc. Our products are widely used in the electrical, food, medical, construction, printing, packaging and other industries.
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Household Aluminum Foil Roll
Aluminum foil rolls for household use are widely used in food cooking, refrigeration, packaging and storage because of their unique and excellent characteristics, and they are widely welcomed by the food industry and the common people because of their easy handling and recycling.
Main characteristics and advantages.
1. high temperature resistance, will not affect the characteristics of food, to retain food nutrients
2. can be wrapped food does not require further sealing
3. will not affect the taste and smell of food
4. high temperature production, no bacteria breeding
5. Grease, oil, water and other liquids will not be absorbed
6. easy to recycle for the benefit of the environment
Size range.
Length: 5-300 meters
Width: 250-600 mm
Thickness: 9-25 microns
Common widths are 250, 300 and 450 mm.
We can customize the size of household foil rolls to customer specifications as well as provide various packaging.
Aluminum Foil Raw Materials
Large rolls of raw aluminum foil, made from flattened aluminum, are used primarily in kitchens for cooking, holding food, or for materials that can be cleaned simply. Aluminum foil is used in large quantities around the world to protect and wrap food, cosmetics and chemicals.
Most aluminum foil is shiny on one side and grayish on the other. Both sides of aluminum foil for food can be used to wrap food, and it is usually recommended to wrap it on the shiny side to improve heat transfer.
Because of its excellent resistance to moisture, contamination and electrical conductors, aluminum foil has been used in packaging, capacitor manufacturing, construction, decoration, printing and household packaging. Aluminum foil products can be found in airlines, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, airlines and other places.
We strictly control the quality of raw materials of aluminum foil to make our foil brighter, softer and more flexible. High quality, safe and competitive. By strictly testing the quality of finished products, we make single roll aluminum foil with fewer joints and your work more efficient.
Plastic Wrap
Cling film is usually industrial cling film or food grade cling film used to hold trays in place. We specialize in food wrap, which is a thin plastic film typically used to seal and secure food in containers to maintain freshness. Food wrap is sold in individual rolls or, more typically, in boxes with cut edges along with the rolls.
Cling film is one of the most economical and practical materials available for packaging prepared foods and groceries. For any food service business, cling film is a must for packaging food for display or covering kitchen products. Industrial cling film is used in convenience stores or supermarkets to wrap cooked meats, pre-made muffins or sliced broccoli to ensure cleanliness and increase product visibility.
Made of thin, clear plastic, these food wraps are available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths to meet all types of food preparation and packaging needs. Choose long rolls of wrap with cutters or perforated sheets to make preparation even easier.
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Ningbo Ruike Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Aluminum Foil Tablewares Manufacturers. Our high-quality products are widely used in various household appliances, electronic communications, medical, food packaging, printing, chemical industry, decoration and other industries. Our factory has Aluminum Foil Packaging Custom services, As a result, we have a large number of well-known partners at home and abroad.

The leading products are 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, and 8 Series alloy grades. Such as aluminum coil/strip, aluminum sheet, aluminum PS substrate, CTP substrate, cable foil, electron aluminum foil, aluminum foil for fin-stock of air-conditioner, household foil, pharmaceutical foil, high-precision light gauge foil stocks, etc...Products are widely used in electrical appliances, food, medical, construction, printing, packaging and other industries.



Product Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the advantages of aluminum foil packaging?
1. Keep warm and keep fragrance
Aluminum foil packaging is usually used as paper-wrapped beverage packaging. The thickness of the aluminum foil in the packaging bag is only 6.5 microns. This thin layer of aluminum can be waterproof, maintain umami taste, prevent bacteria and stains. The characteristics of keeping fragrance and freshness make aluminum foil packaging have food packaging properties, and the characteristics of high temperature resistance and oil resistance make it easy to handle all kinds of hot meals, even in the face of the long-standing difficulties in take-out packaging - oil and soup More Chinese food is not a problem. It can be said that aluminum foil packaging has a natural takeaway attribute.
2. Harmless to human body
People regard food as the first priority, and food safety is the first. The embodiment of food safety not only exists in the food itself, but also includes the lunch boxes that come into contact with food.
The popular plastic lunch boxes on the market are extremely harmful to human health. When disposable foam plastic tableware contains hot food or boiling water with a temperature above 65 degrees, the toxic substances contained in the tableware will easily infiltrate into the food. If The concentration of this harmful substance exceeds the standard, and the poison will be even greater. The main material of aluminum foil packaging is aluminum foil. There is a dense oxide layer on the surface of the aluminum foil. The chemical properties of this oxide layer are relatively very stable. As long as it is not in a strong acid environment, aluminum ions will not be precipitated.
3. Environmental protection
Aluminum foil packaging is made of aluminum, which has a high recycling rate and can be recycled up to 25 times. It meets the national food hygiene standards, is easy to recycle, and does not produce harmful substances during the process. Compared with the geological changes caused by "white pollution", aluminum lunch boxes can be weathered after being placed in the soil for two to three years, and will not cause continuous damage to the land or change the nature of implantation.
4. Strong ductility, larger packaging surface area
Aluminum has a physical property called ductility, which allows it to process more surface area and pack more things with the same mass of aluminum than other metals.

Is there any harm in using aluminum foil tablewares?
Aluminum foil tablewares are not harmful, aluminum foil tablewares products are light in quality and meet the national food hygiene standards.
The used lunch boxes can be recycled and reused, which reduces pollution and saves resources. It is a good choice for restaurant owners.
Aluminum foil tablewares not only meet the national food container hygiene standards, but more importantly, adapt to the international environmental protection trend, and the products can be directly heated by open fire.

Can aluminum foil tablewares be used in the microwave?
Aluminum foil tablewares can be used in microwave ovens, but you should also pay attention to the method when using them, so that you can use aluminum foil tablewares correctly. The following will teach you how to use aluminum foil tablewares in microwave ovens:
Do not use aluminum foil or other metal containers in the microwave. You first need to confirm whether it is a microwave oven or a light wave oven.
1. The microwave oven can only use one aluminum foil tablewares at a time.
2. The lunch box cannot touch the four walls of the microwave oven. (At least 2cm away from the wall of the microwave oven)
  3. The lunch box should be placed in the middle of the microwave oven. (Note: If your microwave oven is metal, please place a ceramic or glass plate under the lunch box.)
4. The food should cover the entire lunch box (at least about 80% of the capacity of the entire lunch box).
5. Please tear off the aluminum cover before use, (open the cover, do not seal it for heating).